About Us

We Dry Hemp.

When we set out to establish Terradon Hemp it was with the intent to provide a much-needed service to the industrial hemp supply chain.

Our mission: We Dry Hemp.

Our values: We Support our Farmers.

We recognized the need farmers had. The need for Drying Options, Drying Space and Reduced Drying Times. We recognized the incredible work farmers were undertaking to plant, tend and harvest their hemp crop and we want to amplify their success rate and harvest yields.

So, we endeavored to create Terradon Hemp. A Family Owned Business located in Columbia, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County.

Equipped with a High Capacity Belt Dryer, Terradon Hemp is providing expedited drying services to Regional and National hemp farmers. 

We want to be Part of the Solution and help Build the Hemp Infrastructure here in Central Pennsylvania.

To find out more, visit our Services page as well as our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. And for a Custom Quote visit our Contact page.